We focus on Tradition of quality and on good raw materials

Glove manufacture in Denmark has long traditions and Randers Handskefabrik has participated from the very start.  The tradition of travelling artisans has brought glove cutters from many European countries to Randers and with them; a lot of expertise and knowhow is introduced, featuring Randers Handsker as we know the product today.

A professional saying; “From good raw materials you can make poor quality gloves, but from bad raw materials you can never make good quality gloves”!  Good quality raw materials are essential and carried on to dedicated and professional craftsmen we are following rules and traditions of preserving good quality.

Ethics and moral

We want to meet a rising demand for gloves made from chrome free leather so that customers suffering from chrome/nickel allergy can purchase gloves offering safe use in this respect.  We are constantly focussed on compliance with laws and regulations in respect of safety and labour legislation.


As Purveyor to Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark,

it is a great honour to serve the Danish Royalty and with this appointment to show our products throughout the World.



We focus on Quality

and follow raw materials and production throughout the entire process and several types of leather are processed in our own tannery/dye shop.

In the long run, quality will prove cheapest together with the pleasure of possessing quality and our customers often profit from our knowledge within the complicated world of leather.

Great Variety

Products show a great variety going from beautiful long evening gloves made from ultra thin lamb leather with a thickness of mere 0.5 mm to heavy duty army/police combat gloves, made from heat resistant specially tanned leather, enabling Special Forces and police to work with effectiveness and functional comfort.

More about Gloves

Quality cannot be taken for granted and production of gloves requires continuous attention, whether it be raw materials, cutting, sewing or finishing. All this knowledge is at hand within the company and at the same time, we are focussed on ensuring that price and quality always go hand in hand guaranteed and supported by cooperation with dedicated suppliers for a great many years.

See illustration of measuring size (opens in a new window)

More about raw materials

We mainly work with leather from:

  • Lamb, producing gloves with softness and good strength that can be supplied in a great variety of shades, some styles in more than 30 colours. Lamb is used for a variety of gloves.
  • Goat, perfect for sporty gloves requiring good wear resistance. Ideal where competitive price and high strength is required.
  • Deer, showing a characteristic coarse grain structure, spongey leather with soft and pleasant feel.
  • Peccary, also this leather has a very characteristic structure, different from other types of leather. Gloves made from Peccay show high wear resistance and softness is next to none, this leather is used for our prime quality luxury gloves.
  • Which tanning technique to choose is greatly influenced by what properties are aimed at? Chrome tanning is the most frequently used, imparting durability, softness, flexibility and smoothness of grain. In case chrome free leather is required, this is feasible, although selection of colours and styles is limited. Of chrome free leather we are able to offer also Chamois tanned (oil tanned) lamb and deer. The majority of our chrome tanned skins are water- and stain repellent giving higher all round wear qualities.

More about gloves

The choice of styles is wide with long gloves, short gloves and gloves in between.  Range of colours is equally extensive and a large selection of linings is available.  Follow the link “Gloves and styles” and experience the choice with description and photos.

It is essential to select the right glove for the right purpose.  You will not have full value for money by choosing a pair of thin gloves from lamb and in a delicate colour, if the purpose is your daily bike ride in all kinds of weather.  For that purpose, we recommend our specially developed cycling glove.

Right size is important and to determine size is easy.  See illustration “measure size” use a measuring band in cm. measure without thumb not loose, not tight and by dividing the figure shown by 2,7 you have correct size.

See illustration of measuring size (opens in a new window)

Some good advice on Leather and leather gloves

Many aspects are taken into consideration during modern production of leather and of great importance is environment. This makes good sense and often good results. Nevertheless, in some cases you do not obtain the same level of for instance colour fastness as before and below are some facts about leather and leather gloves, good to keep in mind when purchasing leather gloves.

Colour and rub fastness

  1. The use of modern less aggressive, but environmentally safer dyestuffs and chemicals may in some cases result in lower fastness values. This may be the case for some Red or reddish shades e.g. Violet.
  2. If gloves become wet, bleeding may occur and you should not let your gloves become soaking wet.
  3. We do not accept liability for consequential damages from colour bleeding.
  4. When using unlined gloves, be aware that cosmetic products such as hand lotions of different kinds may have a colour loosening influence. Heat and humidity from perspiration may have a similar effect.


  1. Facial products (e.g. Foundation) may cause stains and spots. On Black leather it appears as a surface damage. However, this apparent damage can easily be removed by gently rubbing with an almost dry cloth dipped in alcohol.
  2. Rain, on medium shades in particular, may cause dark stains. This is the consequence of the rain causing the leather surface changing appearance by contraction. When the leather is almost dry, such stains are removed by pulling the leather crisscross.
  3. If you have had bad luck and your gloves are spotted with a fat containing product, as first option cover the spot with talcum powder or potato flour. Leave for 24 hours under light pressure. In many cases this may solve the problem.
  4. Remember! If your gloves are wet,- always dry slowly.


Do not put on the glove by using the vent (the opening) at the palm side.  This may cause tearing and we do not replace gloves with such damage.  At Christmas time in particular this is a problem, when a “non fitting size hand” also wants to try the beautiful gloves.